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2015 web design trends to watch out for

web-designA web designer’s job is to design highly user-friendly websites. If designers do not keep themselves updated with the latest web design trends then they would not be able to satisfy their clients’ needs. In addition to that, frequently updating themselves with the new web design trends will help designers to compete better against their rivals. In 2015, several web design trends have emerged that have completely modified the way web designers used to design websites before. The list of these latest web design trends is as follows:

Setting an image as the website background

This year, web designers have started to use high resolution photos as website backgrounds instead of designing website layouts created using photoshop software. Photos in the background seem to attract more viewers and engage them into navigating the websites for longer durations.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost Buttons are faint buttons that viewers see while they are navigating through a website. Ghost buttons are usually placed in the middle on the web page for viewers to quickly notice them. Web designers are using ghost buttons extensively in their designs to enable viewers to notice important options and content on the website.

Responsive website design

Designing responsive content on the website has become more of a necessity rather than an option for the web designers. Responsive content allows users to view their websites conveniently on their digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. Lots of web designers are using WordPress themes as they provide variety of tools to create responsive content.


Infographics refer to the idea of displaying information by using colourful and stylish graphics on a website. These days, web designers are using Infographics heavily on their websites to make them look more appealing and engaging to the viewers.

Emphasis on Typography

Websites with high quality typography are likely to attract more consumer attention. Thus, web designers are emphasising on using beautiful typography on their websites. Typography comes in variety of styles so web designers have to select one that matches their websites’ layouts and themes.

High resolution images and videos

High resolution images and videos recorded usinga digital camera attract consumer attention. People are more likely to visit those websites that display high resolution images and videos.

More scrolling and less clicking

As more people are using mobile devices to browse internet they like scrolling on the websites instead of clicking. Therefore, web designers are using scrolling option more than clicking option to make websites easy to use for them.

Card design

Professional websites are now using card design as it presents the content in a more organised, modular and concise way. Adopting card design may enable the web designers to create more versatile websites for their audience.

Interactive content

Web designers who use simple, creative, and personalised language are able to generate high traffic on the website. In 2015, people will require web designers to use friendly and polite language on the website.


Microinteractions are the ‘contained product moments’ that web designers use on websites to engage their audience. Microinteractions let web designers accomplish an important task for example, to motivate the users to register on the website, like Facebook or twitter pages or sign up for email alerts.

In 2015, web designers need to focus more on creating websites that can be easily accessed using all the digital devices. By utilising variety of tools and plugins, web designers can create high quality and interactive websites for the people.

Image Credit: Michela Rapacciuolo

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