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5 Advantages of Using WordPress in Creating a Website

Even without being a computer savvy, you can easily learn how to use WordPress, a computer software developed for easy use. You may download it for free and it is relatively simple to install. In no time, you can create your website and have it ready to go.

Other than being free and easy to use, here are 5 more advantages of using WordPress in creating a website:

It’s user-friendly

create website wordpressAs mentioned above, it is so easy to use and you need not be such a techie. Just basic computer know-how is enough. There are several sites to download WordPress from but among the easiest to navigate is HostGator. Once you have downloaded and installed WP on your computer, you can add articles or web pages like you are A-B-C!

It provides theme support

Themes give your site an identity, a look you can associate your site with. WordPress provides several templates for you to use on your website. If none of the available templates appeal to you, there are other sites to download themes from so you can put one on your website, to give it a unique personality.

It allows unlimited use

create website wordpressPersonal or business website, or for blogging purposes, WordPress can help create that for you and the use is unlimited. And with limitless capabilities too, you can promote, advertise and sell products or services or even publish marketing materials to help your business grow.

It’s an independent, self-contained software

Unlike other software programs, WordPress does not rely on the support of other software to make it work. All you need to do is download it after which you may login into the system to do necessary additions, design, post blogs, etc via the Admin Page even if you lack basic HTML knowledge.

It is open source

Created as a PHP programming language using MYSQL as database server, WordPress observes and follows recognized standards in the World Wide Web.  While it is free and self-contained that it allows you to liberally modify and enhance according to your needs be it business or personal, the program is secured and reliable.

Whether you wish to market a product or express ideas through blogging, you can start right away without so much hassle. More than the benefits mentioned here, you may experience for yourself that there is more to WordPress that can work to your advantage.