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How to Get Better Conversions from Your Forms

Research and studies imply that by the year 2020, 85% of the purchases by customers would include no communication between humans. The growing trends of online buying are indicative of the increasing popularity and role of web forms, social networks and live websites in retail. These online platforms have redefined and reshaped the modern practices of customer buying, giving birth to a new era of retail.

Considering the growing role and importance of web form in online purchase and transactions, it is now believed to be as one of the most effective ways of leads conversion. Hence, following are some tips for you, through which you will be better able to use web forms to convert leads.

conversions from forms


Present age is the age of customisation and to increase the utility of your web form for conversions, it is important that you customise it to go with your brand and brand image. Make you form more appealing to the customers by adding your brand colour and logo to it. This might also help you assess customer loyalty.

Be Precise

When creating a web form, be as concise and brief as possible. This will ensure maximum number of target customers carrying out purchases using your web form.

Remember, many of the online buyers might feel reluctant in sharing personal details and information. Consequently, if your form includes fields and labels for any such information, there are high chances that many customers might feel uncomfortable in providing personal details and might not complete the transaction and purchase. Therefore, keep your web forms as objective and brief as possible.

Include Call to Action

Inclusion of a call to action can significantly increase the value and utility of your web form for leads conversion. Clearly state the benefits that the customers are to get after filling out the form. This will significantly increase the clicks on your form and will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Also, a clear call to action might play an effective role in motivating the customers to fill and submit the form, as after becoming aware of the advantages of filling out the form, you customers are to feel less hesitant in providing the required details.

conversions from forms


Arrange contests to increase the clicks on your form and get better conversions. According to studies, contests have been most effective in getting maximum conversions, with a conversion rate of 28%, which is more than the conversion rate of any other web form type. Analyse and list down all the information that you need and then incorporate it wisely into a contest to get successful results.


It is advised that you place or embed your web form on the top-half portion on your website. Visibility plays a huge role in online success and presenting your web form on the top of your web page, it is more likely that your web form will get higher number of clicks. Higher exposure means more clicks and better conversion rates.

Image credits: Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta , Jérémi Joslin