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How to choose a good web hosting service

In the last post we saw how to choose a good domain name. The next step is to find a good web hosting service. The following are important aspects that you ought to consider when picking a web hosting company for your website as it will determine the income you will make eventually.


The reliability of the web host is very important as it dictates the up time and the down time of your website. The website remains profitable to you and your business only when it is online. Many customers are always frustrated never to return when they find an error message on your website. Most of the web hosting companies will claim to offer reliable hosting services to you and even offer you money back guarantees after some given time. They provide you with the services for a given time very efficiently, but they end up giving you low quality services after the grace period is over. It is always advisable to get services from renowned providers with positive reviews from their clients. Search around for hosting reviews and see what the existing customers are saying about them. The Web hosting Talk Forum is a good start.


support One will require to be an expert to resolve any problems as they arise. Since not everybody can be an expert, it is always wise to get a web host firm that will offer support services every hour of the day or week whenever you need it. When you choose web hosting that has a great customer service, you will never be disappointed as they will handle your queries in good time and help you fix the problems you may be experiencing. Try sending a few sales & support queries before purchase see how fast and detailed they respond. While this does not guarantee great after sales support, is a good test to try.

Bandwidth & Speed

If you have been to a website that takes ages to open, you can be sure that your clients will feel the same feeling you had when they visit your sluggish website. To avoid this choose a hosting firm that offers a wide bandwidth and has an efficient server. This will give your clients a great experience as they do business with you. The speed of your website will as well be determined by the amount of space that you have online. Some providers will lure you into their service by promising unlimited bandwidth.Don't fall for that. As a starter, you need only limited bandwidth. As you grow, you can always shift to larger plans.

Getting online is a great experience, and it indeed drives customers to your business. This is what makes it important to choose your hosting service wisely.

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