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Buying A Suitable Domain Name For Your Website

The internet changes everything today, including how business is done. It presents massive opportunities for business individuals who want to generate decent traffic and income out of their businesses. The web currently hosts billions of users, and they are all able to reach a wide audience just at the click of a mouse.

However, because the web presents a unique platform to do business, the only challenge that people face is how to get their message across. Having a website of your own is part of the solution, because websites bring you out as an authority of what you are doing.

To solve the challenge, you’ll need to come up with a relevant and good domain name for your website. These are the actual titles of your website, sometimes called the URL of your website. A relevant domain will enhance your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) efforts and also represent your website nicely.

That said, how do you figure out whether a domain name is suitable or not?

Relevance to your business

The surest way to get a nice domain is by customizing it to stay relevant to your business. If you can’t fit it in your company name, then it only means two things: Either the domain name is too long, or it has already been taken.

Your safest bet would be to incorporate primary keywords into your domain name because these keywords are the most sought after. For instance, if you operate a company that provides painting services in Utah, then you could get a domain that reads like; www.paintingutah.com.

Is it catchy and easy to remember?

When choosing a domain name, it should be unique and easy to remember. For instance, if your business involves providing tax services, then something like taxfilingtoday.com would do well.

During your marketing campaigns, you need to ensure that your domain name is always standing out, and easy to recall. It must fit in your business card and easy to pronouns and remember. You don’t want prospects to keep wondering what the name of your website was.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes/Compare your rival’s domain

If you were searching for a particular service online, what keywords would you use? What domain names would you find attractive. Check your rival’s domain and their ranking as well. To customize your domain name to stay relevant to the keywords you are targeting, you’ll need to use Google keywords tool. Key in your competitor’s domain and see how it would measure up. Then add your own unique spin and come up with something interesting, catchy and relevant.

Creativity and combination

Finding inspirations to formulate your URL and domain name is simple. Just try some different combination. For example, if your product or service promises to solve certain needs in the near future, then you could try and customize your domain name in such a way that it answers those needs. If you are promoting weight loss products, you could say www.10dayweightloss.com. The idea is to combine those keywords in question or answer form.

Visit the online auctions

Check GoDaddy and Flippa for some inspiration on what domain names could do well. These two websites are a rich resource for finding brilliant domain names to pick on. Of course these domain names have been ranking very high in search engines, and that’s why they are worth auctioning.

It’s a difficult task to create a high-conversion domain name. If you can find a domain name in one of the two websites above, then it will simplify your work because everything has been done for you.

If you are launching a website for your business, your domain is what determines whether you succeed or not. So it only needs to be unique, relevant and engaging.

Here is a video on choosing your right domain name: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqNwgGNJ6dQ

Register your domain

Once you have decide on the domain, next step is to grab it and register in your name. Here are the top domain registrars

  • Name Cheap ($9.98 a year)
  • Go Daddy ($11.99 a year) Search for godaddy coupons. You may get the domain for way cheaper rates!
  • Name($9.99 a year)