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6 Tips to Power Writing Articles for Site Building

If you have the gift of writing, here are 6 ways to enhance that gift so you can keep on writing good articles.

Article submission to quality sites is one way of gaining publicity and creating interest so viewers will visit your website. More so if the articles are of the same niche as the site they are submitted to. This helps maximize your presence on search engines when people search about your category.

article writing tips Picture it this way. Someone thinking of vacation is likely to visit a site, niche of which is about travel. If you have an article posted on that site that discusses the best hotel accommodations, travel attractions or airline deals, the visitor is expected to read it. This often leads them to click on a link that may refer the reader back to your site. Thus, you gain site visitors all because an article caught their interest.

Here’s how you can keep on posting relevant and interesting articles.

Start to catch attention beginning with well-worded title

article writing tips

Compare these two titles: 6 Tips to Power Writing Articles for Site Building and Writing Articles: How to Improve Your Skills to Help Build Your Site. Both titles using “writing articles” as keywords give readers an idea what the article is about. However, the first one immediately lets the reader know in one quick skim. (read more here: copywriting 101 ) See some more templates here

Learn the basics of writing

While English is a universal language, if you write it superfluously using highfalutin words, readers may not understand it. When you write an article, make sure your topic is highly interesting but written in simple, easy to understand manner. Keep it as short as possible too so as not to bore your readers – 300 to 500 words is an ideal article length. Be clear on what your article is all about and make it factual. Consider the use of bullet points, numbers or figures to highlight important information, keeping your paragraphs brief.


Know how to properly use keywords

article writing tips

Keywords are a factor in determining the relevance of your article in search engines but don’t overdo it. The right density is the key as excessive use has it disadvantages too! Use relevant keywords that would appear natural and comfortable within the article (in the title and body) to keep the tone conversational.

Keep them coming

Not only should you write compelling articles but you must keep them coming. People often look for fresh, new read. If they know that they can regularly get it from you, they are likely to stay and refer new visitors. As a result, your site will have regular traffic that steadily increases.(Tip from How to Blog For a Living )

The very purpose of your submitted article is to promote your site. You need to get listed in relevant search results. it requires a few steps to get listed in google results. You need to create a link that will lead the reader to your site once that link is clicked. What you write on that particular line where the link is has to interest your reader to make them want to click.

Create bookmarks on different sites

Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg are just some of the popular social sites where you can bookmark your article. You may also utilize RSS feed through Bloglines, Netvibes and other similar sites. Doing so will help deliver visitors to your site.