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3 Ways to Get Your Guest Post Accepted Into any Blog

Just a few years ago, most bloggers were content to publishing blog posts on their own sites, without giving guest post writing a second thought. Today, any blogger who does not guest post is the exception, and any blogger worth

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6 Tips to Power Writing Articles for Site Building

If you have the gift of writing, here are 6 ways to enhance that gift so you can keep on writing good articles. Article submission to quality sites is one way of gaining publicity and creating interest so viewers will

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How To Style PDF Links With An Icon Using CSS

A typical webpage has numerous links. By default, all links look the same. This no doubt has its advantages. But then, what if you want links to certain types of files to look different? Well, the best thing you can

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Ajax Programming

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is not new programming language, it is merely a new way of using standards that currently exist. Basically, it is the art of data exchange with a server as well as the updating of parts

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